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Monday, November 19, 2012

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Dean Linda Irwin-DeVitis, with an assist from Harvey Logan, celebrates her college's victory in the recycling contest.
Darden College of Education Wins Campus Recycling Contest

The Darden College of Education received a trophy Thursday for winning the Facilities Management recycling department's College Challenge, a friendly contest that pitted the staff and faculty from each of Old Dominion's six academic colleges against each other to see who could recycle the most during the month of October.

This was the second year for the competition, which the education college won last year as well.

"Collectively, the colleges were very successful by increasing their totals this year by 25 percent. We want to thank everyone who represented their college in helping them to meet their goals," said Harvey Logan, manager of support services for the Office of Facilities Management.

During the month of October, staff and faculty from the education college recycled 2,120 pounds of materials on campus, plus 1,768 pounds at home, for a total of 3,888 pounds of recyclables. Based on the college's number of staff and faculty (117), the recycled weight per capita was 33.23 pounds, which outdistanced the second-closest competitor, the College of Business and Public Administration, by 17 pounds per capita.

Recyclable materials from each of the respective college buildings were collected daily and weighed during the contest. Recycling done at home was self-reported.

"All items, such as electronics, files for destruction, shredded files, newspapers and all other office recyclable materials were included toward the final totals," Logan said.

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