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Thursday, December 6, 2012


ODU Office Presents Diversity Champion Awards for Fall

Old Dominion's Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity recently presented its Diversity Champion Awards for fall 2012. Seven members of the campus community and one community member were honored at a dessert reception on Nov. 28 (see photo below).

The winners are listed below. Included is an excerpt about each from the nominations that were submitted.

• Don Stansberry, assistant vice president for engagement, Division of Student Engagement and Enrollment Services

"In everything he does, Don seeks ways to support students in learning to work with others from different backgrounds and points of view. A primary example is the formation of the Safe Space committee when he realized that ODU did not provide formal support for students, faculty and staff from the LGBTQ community."

• Pat Beauter, business manager, Office of Academic Affairs

"Pat has taken on the role of bringing together the diverse members of the provost's office through use of her event planning and organizational skills. She has worked diligently with students, administrators and faculty of diverse backgrounds and abilities to assist them with carrying out the mission of the office of academic affairs. Her fairness and patience proves daily to be a major asset to that office."

• Garrett McAuliffe, professor of counseling and human services

"Dr. Garrett McAuliffe lives diversity, advocates for equity and actively supports all individuals in non-dominant groups. He has a thirst for knowledge about individuals from diverse groups and is constantly seeking to understand different cultures. He has written a major text, 'Culturally Alert Counseling,' which is now in its second edition. He teaches graduate courses on multicultural counseling. He created a study abroad class in Ireland and assists with another in Italy that focuses on multicultural issues."

• Agnes Moon, community member

"For many years, Dr. Moon has worked tirelessly as a member of the city of Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission to promote mutual understanding and respect among the diverse citizenry of Hampton Roads. Most recently, Dr. Moon coordinated the participation of the Korean community in the Human Rights Commission's 'Autumn Colors - Leaves of Diversity' festival."

• Wendy Scott, graduate student, curriculum and instruction

"Wendy is a former high school social studies teacher, and she is currently a Ph.D. student in the curriculum and instruction program in the Darden College of Education. In addition to her responsibilities as a student and teaching assistant, Wendy regularly gives her time to assist economically and educationally disadvantaged teens in Hampton Roads. Some of them are her former students, while others are members of her faith community. Wendy works individually with them to advance their education and to achieve their personal and professional goals."

• Gregory Selby, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering

"Dr. Selby has been involved in initiatives to increase the diversity of the engineering workplace since the 1970s. Once employed at ODU in 1983, he immediately became involved in efforts in Hampton Roads to motivate diversity among engineering students and engineers. He became a founding member of the Cooperating Hampton Roads Organizations in Engineering (CHROME) in 1984 and has supported the organization's mission for almost 30 years."

• Ta'aniesha "Tanny" Simmons, undergraduate student

"Tanny is an undergraduate student who serves at the director of legislative affairs for the Student Government Association. Tanny is also a resident assistant, serves on the Office of Intercultural Relations' Social Entrepreneurs Council, participates in the Catholic Campus Ministry and is currently one of three students on the President's Task for Inclusive Excellence."

• Berhanu Mengistu, professor of urban studies and public administration

"Mengistu conducts workshops in interfaith dialogue locally, nationally and internationally. As a member of the Global Awareness Society, he offers workshops in conflict resolution and managing diversity and mutualism. He has also served as the society's journal editor-in-chief."

Pictured are, from left to right: Don Stansberry, Pat Beauter, George Braxton (ODU's former diversity coordinator), Linda Vahala (accepting for Gregory Selby), Wendy Scott, Lea Lee (accepting for Agnes Moon), Garrett McAuliffe, Ta'Niesha "Tanny" Simmons, ReNeé Dunman (assistant vice president for equity and diversity) and Berhanu Mengistu.

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