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Monday, December 17, 2012


Chad Peevy and Bob Fenning
Grounds Manager Chad Peevy Is Winner of Administration and Finance Gazelle Award

Grounds Manager Chad Peevy Is Winner of Administration and Finance Gazelle Award

Vice President Bob Fenning recognized two "supermen" from Facilities Management at the annual Administration and Finance division-wide meeting last Wednesday.

The first super hero was Chad Peevy, grounds manager, who was named as recipient of the 2012 Gazelle Award. Created in 1997, the award recognizes an employee in Administration and Finance who exhibits a number of exceptional characteristics, including consistent exceptional performance, positive enthusiasm, outstanding service to customers, and willingness and ability to learn and grow personally.

While the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound isn't on the list, "overcomes obstacles to complete the job and often assumes more responsibilities in order to further the mission of the unit" is among the characteristics considered by the Administration and Finance officers in choosing the winner each year.

From the comments made in support of his nomination for the award, it was clear that Peevy's colleagues do consider him as a super hero, in a way.

Among the comments were these:

• "Chad is a proactive leader who has established a standard of excellence for himself and the Grounds staff, which is evident in the appearance of the campus grounds."

• "Chad has earned the respect of his staff and many others in the Facilities Management department as well as across campus, based on his vast expertise in horticulture, hard work and commitment to take care of his people."

• "Chad was instrumental in the university achieving recognition in the Remarkable Tree Places of Virginia and the establishment of the campus Native Tree Trail. He has organized tours of the trail and obtained external funding to maintain signage on the trail."

As winner of the Gazelle Award, Peevy received a $1,000 bonus and certificate.

Now, about that other "superman." Harvey Logan, manager for support services and recycling, made a surprise appearance at the meeting dressed in a Superman costume (see photo below). Although Logan clearly relished the moment as he raced around the Constant Convocation Center floor and struck a variety of poses, his channeling of the caped crusader actually was the result of a bet he lost to Fenning.

A few years back, Fenning and Logan started an ongoing bet about how much Logan and his staff could recycle in a year. If they did meet the ever-increasing goal, Fenning agreed to dress up in some costume at the annual meeting, but if they didn't achieve the standard, Logan would be the one to wear something outlandish. Logan, who has been responsible for collecting more than 1 million pounds of recyclables on campus in recent years, had won the bet each year until now.

Harvey "Superman" Logan is pictured with, from left, Dillard George, Bob Fenning and Rich LeMoal. Photo by Chuck Thomas

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