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Monday, December 17, 2012

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President Broderick congratulates Tom Loizides on his 40-year award. Photos by Troy Bonner
Employees Recognized for Years of Service

The Department of Human Resources presented service awards and recognized this year's retirees as part of its annual recognition program and luncheon on Dec. 11.

Awards for years of service were given to 136 employees, including Thomas Loizides of the Office of Computing and Communications Services (right), who was honored for 40 years of service.

The Customer Relations Employee of the Year award was also presented at the luncheon. This year's winner is Cheryl Woods, a customer service specialist in the Office of Distance Learning (see story in Feature section).

Photos of the 35-year, 30-year and 25-year service award recipients, as well as this year's retirees and nominees for the Customer Relations Award, are included below (not all are pictured), along with full listings of employees in each of these categories.

35 Years

Delores White, Office of Finance

Brenda Whitehurst, Human Resources

30 Years

Connie Davis, College of Health Sciences

William Henley, OCCS

Alicia Herr, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Blanche McFarland, Registrar

Katrina Pitsielis, Graduate Admissions

Lynda Shirk Williams, Budget Office

25 Years

Kay Alexander, OCCS

Barbara Aultman, Student Activities and Leadership

Sharoyn Baker, Student Activities and Leadership

Frances Banks, Facilities Management

Jesse Braxton, Intercollegiate Athletics

Sheila Brinck, OCCS

Sheila Hegwood, Mathematics and Statistics

Roy Henderson, Facilities Management

Eddie Hughes, Tri-Cities Higher Education Center

Lisa Jeffress, Counseling Services

Jacqueline Johnson, Office of Finance

Deborah Long, Facilities Management

Ken Saal, OCCS

Cynlithia Williamson, Parking and Transportation Services

Polly Young, Webb Center

20 Years

Calvin Bray, Police Department

Sheila Haqq, Student Health Services

Linda Harvey, Academic Technology Services

Aaron Joyner, Facilities Management

David Kozoyed, OCCS

Delicia Malin, Physics

Alfredo Mateo, Office of Finance

Agatha Trumps, Student Financial Aid

Susan Walker, Facilities Management

15 Years

Joseph Blanchard, Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

Carmela Casey, Darden College of Education

Jarin Cornish, Office of Finance

Rachel Crockett, Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

Tiffany Cummings, Engineering Technology

George Fabila, OCCS

Jane Fiesta, International Admissions

Ann Granum, OCCS

Jerry Harrell, Video Production and Broadcast Services

James Harris, University Auditor

Monica Harvey, Facilities Management

Margaret Jones, Center for Major Exploration

Tyna Joyner, Facilities Management

Bryan Magary, Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology

Glenda Martin, Teletechnet

Barbara Miller, Teletechnet

Sandra Phillips, M.B.A. Program

Sandra Reardon, OCCS

Angela Riddick, College of Arts and Letters

Elwood Robinson, Communication and Theatre Arts

Joseph Ruettgers, OCCS

Bernard Runk, OCCS

Margaret Strachan, Student Financial Aid

John Streit, OCCS

Katrina Vinson, Programs for Continued Learning

Patricia Yancey, Facilities Management

10 Years

Brenda Blount, Office of Finance

Deborah Bond, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Natrina Brooks, Registrar

Jane Carlson, Teletechnet

Kris Carroll, OCCS

Carrie Duran, Student Engagement and Enrollment Services

James Kelly, Facilities Management

Jacqueline Lockhart, Facilities Management

Donald Nash, Naval Science

Marelene Patac, Perry Library

Christopher Powell, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Shawn Sarauw, Environmental Health and Safety

Dwayne Smith, OCCS

Lillian Thompson, Community and Environmental Health

Christina Upton, Student Health Services

5 Years

Ahmad Al-Roudhan, OCCS

Ashraf Amrou, OCCS

Ramona Anders, Facilities Management

Lucia Ball, Student Engagement and Enrollment Services

Deborah Bunch, Tri-Cities Higher Education Center

Lee Chambers, Facilities Management

Antione Clark, Facilities Management

Melvin Cooke, Facilities Management

Morris Daniels, Facilities Management

Lynette Deberry-Williams, Registrar

Valerie De Costa, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Vernokia Deloatch, Police Department

Barbara Dixon, University Operations

Richard Downing, Facilities Management

Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer, Women's Center

Sophal Ey, Enrollment Management

Nadine Faulcon-Johnson, Human Resources

Linda Forchas, Psychology

Sean Freeman, Parking and Transportation Services

Elaine Gaskins, Student Financial Aid

Deborah Giles, Political Science and Geography

Janka Govani, OCCS

Timothy Hannan, Police Department

Rodney Harmon, OCCS

Shirlnique Harris, Undergraduate Admissions

Gerhard Hartl, OCCS

Michelle Henson, Student Engagement and Enrollment Services

Katherine Hogshire, Enrollment Management

Eleana Horton, OCCS

Richard Howell, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center

Fred Huffman, Center for Learning and Teaching

Robert Hughes, Facilities Management

Ronald Janka, Police Department

Diane Keleher, OCCS

Dianna Levins, OCCS

Jacqueline Lewis, Tri-Cities Higher Education Center

Keesha Lewis, Student Financial Aid

Mary Magerkorth, Teletechnet

Rufus McGowan, Mail Center

Latoya McLean, Registrar

Thomas O'Bryan, Procurement Services

Benny Olveira, OCCS

Jay Panchmatia, OCCS

Latoya Parker-Waddler, Facilities Management

Mario Peters, Webb Center

Idalia Reyna, Academic Technology Services

Justine Rogerson, Facilities Management

Romina Samson, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alison Schoew, Center for Learning and Teaching

Lisa Sinclair, University Marketing and Communications

Aaron Smith, OCCS

Allen-Rodger Stancil, OCCS

Victoria Stewart, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Rosalind Tatum, Perry Library

Bobby Thomas, Facilities Management

Asalameda Thompson, Webb Center

Brett Treon, Academic Technology Services

Elizabeth Vipperman, Teletechnet

Kristopher West, Registrar

Tiffany White, OCCS

Bryan Woodruff, Police Department

Howard Wyle, Facilities Management

35-Year Award honorees (l-r): Brenda Whitehurst and Delores White

30-Year Award honorees (l-r): Alicia Herr, Connie Davis, Katrina Pitsielis, William Henley, Lynda Shirk Williams and Blanche McFarland

25-Year Award honorees (l-r): Jacqueline Johnson, Ken Saal, Sharoyn Baker, Kay Alexander, Eddie Hughes, Barbara Aultman, Lisa Jeffress and Roy Henderson

2012 retirees (l-r): Freda Hayes, Facilities Management; Geraline Upshur, Facilities Management; Paulette Richardson, Facilities Management; Carolyn Saunders-Williams, Facilities Management; and Patricia McNeal, College of Health Sciences. Not pictured: Peggy Anthony, Marfesa Clark, Virginia Devreaux, Gayla Gamble, Dannie Gavin, Susan Harris, David Hendrickson, Donna Hines, David James, Sam Jones, Betty Oakley, Robert Smith, Patricia Springs, William Whidbee and Rob Winkley.

Customer Relations Award nominees (l-r): Cheryl Woods, Distance Learning; Linda Hero, English department; Laronda Davis, Procurement Services; Aaron Smith, OCCS; Freida LaGrone, Auxiliary Services; Marla Harvey, Biological Sciences; Joslyn McElvy, Career Management Center; Shirlnique Harris, Undergraduate Admissions; Kathy Williamson, Human Resources; Richelle Kelly, Student Engagement and Enrollment Services; Richard Downing, Facilities Management; and Christina Gonzalez, Peninsula Higher Education Center. Not pictured: Anthony Cook, Tommy Evans, Catherine Holland, John Kerr, Saysha Malbon, Damaso Medel, Randy Richardson, Alan Rogers, Jason Silverstein, Travis Smith, Diana Stephens, Robert Taylor, Nicholas Turner and Eunice Vaughan.

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