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Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Education College's Sanzo and Myran Are Editors of New Book on School Leadership

Karen Sanzo and Steve Myran, faculty members in the Darden College of Education's Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership, are co-editors of a new volume in Emerald Books' Advances in Educational Administration Series.

"Successful School Leadership Preparation and Development," published last month as volume 17 in the series, features lessons learned about the successful implementation of leadership program preparation and development programs that are grant-funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the School Leadership Program.

Each chapter highlights one or more practices that have been identified as a best practice by the literature and details how the program implemented the practice(s). It is clear from the literature what should be done to prepare aspiring and current leaders (i.e., mentoring, in-depth internships, partnerships), but what is not clear is how to do this.

Sanzo and Myran's book offers real-life experiences in the implementation of these practices (including successes, challenges, etc.). These are authentic examples from the field about how practitioners have addressed challenges in implemented successful activities such as coaching, the internship, evaluating projects and forging partnerships with preparation entities.

The third co-editor of "Successful School Leadership Preparation and Development" is Anthony Normore of California Lutheran University.



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