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Monday, April 22, 2013


Students Celebrate Spring at Asian Water and Color Festival

Kaufman Mall was turned into a wet, multicolored madhouse Friday afternoon when students let loose at the Asian Water and Color Festival, a celebration commemorating the spring season.

Shrieks, smiles and laughter were the order of the day, as the students, along with a few staff members, got into the spirit of the event. The festival featured water guns and balloons, a rainbow variety of brightly colored powders, kite flying, a dunk tank and Asian cuisine.

Participating countries included: Bangladesh (Bangladeshi New Year), China (Water Splashing Festival), India (Holi Festival), Laos (Songkran Laos New Year), Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan (Basant Kite Festival), Sri Lanka (Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival) and Thailand (Songkran Thai New Year).

The Office of Intercultural Relations co-sponsored the celebration with the following organizations: Global Ambassador Program, Chinese Student and Scholar Association, Bangladeshi Student Association, Thai Student Association, Indian Student Association, International Student Engagement Association, Muslim Student Association and Nepali Student Community.

Photos by Steve Daniel

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